Query Params

Query Parameters serve as meta options for an Eko project.
They enable special modes, can modify default player behaviours or add new ones.

Adding Query Params

Here is an example URL with 3 query params:


The first added parameter must have ? just before it, and the rest need to be chained with &s.

Query Param Type Description
autoplay boolean Plays the project immediatetly after loading without waiting for an active user interaction.
debug boolean|string Launches the Debug Overlay. If string value is used, debug plugin will start with tab denoted by string. For example: debug=playlist (Note: string values do not currently work in dev route)
profiler boolean Adds the Profiler Tab to the debug overlay.
autoprofiler boolean Init the profiler plugin in track mode.
headnodeid string Defines the first node in the project. Must be a node ID in the project’s repository. To override the head node based on logic see also dynamic head node.
clearcheckpoints boolean Clears all stored progress for this project.
utm_* string Industry standard parameters to track traffic to given URL.
hidePauseOverlay boolean Used when implementing projects and removes the purple pause overlay.
studiorevision number Loads a specific revision of a project. Also supports special value latest which loads the most recent revision. Note: Project revisions published before this query param was introduced are not available.

For Embedded Projects Only:

Query Param Type Description
embedapi number Sets the API’s version.
embedid string A unique id of the iframe.
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