Embedding in Mobile Applications

The easiest and recommended way to embed eko is by using our iOS and Android SDKs. Both are lightweight and easy to use. They take care of many potential pitfalls.

Our SDKs can be found in our github. Check out the documentation and source code.


Git repository: https://github.com/EkoLabs/ios-native-sdk
Documentation: https://github.com/EkoLabs/ios-native-sdk/blob/master/README.md
Sample App: https://github.com/EkoLabs/ios-native-sdk/tree/master/samples/HelloEko

Add the iOS SDK to your app via cocoapods


Git repository: https://github.com/EkoLabs/android-native-sdk
Documentation: https://github.com/EkoLabs/android-native-sdk/blob/master/README.md
Sample App: https://github.com/EkoLabs/android-native-sdk/tree/master/samples/helloeko

Add the Android SDK to your app by adding a Gradle dependency to build.gradle

implementation 'com.eko:android-native-sdk:0.0.+'
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