EkoLottieTimer is an implementation of an EkoTimer which plays back
animation created in Adobe After Effects and exported for the web with Lottie
EkoLottieTimer represents the progress of a decision by displaying the proper frame in the range
between the Progress-Start and Progress-End markers
Note: In order to use this component, it’s required that your project imports Lottie, and passes the reference to the components

The component assumes your AE animations contains these markers:
Appear-Start, Appear-End, Progress-Start, Progress-End, Disappear-Start, Disappear-End

See an example AE file and its output

See: EkoTimer

// An example of overriding an existing Studio timer with EkoLottieTimer

import EkoUIComponents from 'EkoUIComponents';
import Lottie from 'lottie-web';
import timerAnimation from "./lottie_timer_data.json";

 player.ui.override("timer_beginning_e3bdbd", EkoUIComponents.EkoLottieTimer, {
    lottieData: timerAnimation ,
    Lottie: Lottie
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